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Drag and drop solution for your WPF application

Last week I needed to include drag / drop capabilities on a Tree View on a WPF application.


As usual I started cutting the code required to give me the required capabilities. After some time it became obvious that Drag Drop functionality in the MVVM world was more complicated than what I first thought. All my code was residing in code behind instead of the view model?


I took some time out to search the internet to find out how others have resolved this issue. There are many solutions to found.


I did however discover one solution that I thought was very well done. Steven Kirk (back in 2009) has created a library that he calls gong-wpf-dragdrop.


His web site says:


The GongSolutions.Wpf.DragDrop library is a drag'n'drop framework for WPF. It has the following features:

  • Works with MVVM : the logic for the drag and drop can be placed in a ViewModel. No code needs to be placed in codebehind, instead attached properties are used to bind to a drag handler/drop handler in a ViewModel.
  • Works with multiple selections.
  • Can drag data within the same control to re-order, or between controls.
  • Works with TreeViews.
  • Can insert an item into a collection, or drop one item onto another.
  • Can display Adorners to give the user visual feedback of the operation in progress.
  • Has sensible defaults so that you have to write less code for common operations

I found this library very easy to use and would recommend you consider this solution if you want to add drag drop capabilities to your WPF application.

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  • Peter Ward

    4/7/2013 2:37:41 AM | Reply

    Just what I was looking for